Duncan Ferguson

The Scots are renowned for their fiery and aggressive nature so it’s no surprise that one of the first entries into the Hall of fame hails from the Highlands.

Known as 'Big Dunc' and 'Duncan Disorderly', the 6ft 4 beast caused havoc for defenders up and down the land. A leader, a goal scorer and a hard tackler, Duncan Ferguson was certainly someone you would know you had played 90 minutes against. Big Dunc scored 100 goals in 360 games for Dundee United, Glasgow Rangers, Everton and Newcastle and is a legend to the Goodison Park faithful. He is in fact the top Scottish scorer in Premier League history.

Who knows how many more games Dunc could have played if he hadn't been watching so many from the stands or even from behind bars! Not only is Ferguson the joint record holder for the most red cards in the Premier League with 8, he also had a three month stint in prison in 1994 after assaulting Raith Rovers defender John McStay with an almoghty head-butt whilst playing for Rangers. Big Dunc only played for Rangers 14 times and was quickly loaned out to Everton following the incident...

Duncan wasn’t just a nutcase on the pitch, oh no; he has 3 other convictions for assault; head butting a policeman, punching and kicking a supporter on crutches whilst on probation.

Knowing this, you certainly wouldn't want to take this man on would you?! Well this was certainly what one young chap from Liverpool was thinking back in 2001 whilst he was breathing through a hose for three days in Royal Liverpool Hospital. The man and his friend had decided that they would try and burgle Ferguson's house in Formby. Unlike most would do, Ferguson decided to 'confront' the pair which consequently led to one man fleeing the scene after seeing his accomplice left a bloody mess after Ferguson's had given him a few Glasgow kisses.

Fittingly, in his final season as a professional, Big Dunc received his last red card for punching Wigan's Paul Scharner and also scored his final goal in his final appearance in the last minute at Goodson park. It was a scrappy goal; he missed the penalty and scrambled home the rebound. Unfortunately for Scharner and many others, his punches rarely needed a second attempt!
Duncan Disorderly immediately emigrated to Spain with his family after retiring. Now aged 40, Duncan has stated that he has now matured and 'the daft boy everyone remembers has gone'. Thankfully he is working through his coaching badges, so we look forward to seeing the big man back to cracking skulls in the Premier League soon.

By Chris Davis

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