Dwight Eversley Yorke

Dwight Eversley Yorke was born in 1971 in Tobago, to a poor family, the eighth of nine children. At just 15 years old he left the Caribbean for Aston Villa, before joining Manchester United in 1998. His goals helped United win the Premiership three times, along with the FA Cup and Champions League. Dwight also enjoyed spells at Blackburn Rovers, Birmingham City, Sydney FC and Sunderland. He also holds the record for number of participations in different World Cups (including qualification) with six, for Trinidad and Tobago. He formed a phenomenal striking partnership with Andy Cole at Man United, bagging 53 goals between them in the 1998/99 season.

It is for his prolific form off the pitch, however, that Dwight is perhaps best known for. His notorious womanizing became the stuff of legend during his time in top class football, and has earned The Smiling Assassin his maverick status.

In 1998 following Dwight’s £12.6m move from Aston Villa to Manchester United, stills of a video tape ‘found in his rubbish’ were published in the Sun newspaper. Unfortunately for Dwight, the tape was not Home Alone 2, but one of a lively orgy involving him, former team mate and fellow sporting maverick Mark Bosnich, four drunken girls and a transvestite. Highlights of the film included Bosnich being whipped by one leather-clad blonde, whilst Dwight made vigorous love to her friend, before both players appeared in full drag.

This episode ushered in a golden era of sexual escapades for the man Alex Ferguson described as “the boy who gave me all this grey hair.” Premiership footballers taking advantage of the hordes of loose women willing to service them is nothing new, but what set Dwight apart was his playful  and excessively reckless approach to bedding these ladies. In 1999, he convinced a young lady he met in a nightclub that he was a local postman. “People were coming past and saying hello to him, and he said it was because he delivered their letters. He seemed a lovely bloke,” young Lin Eastwood of Greater Manchester confessed following their encounter.

Dwight with his package

Dwight used to take these women back to his enormous waterbed covered with black silk sheets that he referred to himself as his ‘altar of love’. He also had a chrome pole beside it that he claimed supported his television but also “looked suspiciously like one a poledancer would use”, as astutely observed by another of his conquests, Emma Jones, in 2003.

Dwight’s most well known relationship was of course with Katie Price, who once claimed that he “had the extra inches, but the chemistry between us wasn’t that strong.” Jordan gave birth to a son, Harvey, who is both blind and autistic. Dwight disputed paternity until he was proven to be the father following a DNA test, and was heavily criticised by the media at the time for his lack of support for Katie and his son. He shared his side of the story in his 2009 autobiography, titled Born to Score.

Apparently so...

Dwight is currently working as a reserve team coach for Man United, and can also be seen on Sky Sports, providing match analysis whilst dressed as a spaceman.

By George Odling

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